Wednesday, May 26, 2010

FDRIFT at MAEPS, Serdang

Actually dh lame dah aku shoot event nie..mcm biasa lah aku nie bru nk wat blog so kenelah post ape2 hasil dari kerja nie salah 1 page bru khas utk FDRIFT haritu xsilap aku 19 December 2009 hingga 20 December 2009 haritu...
time nie aku rase gembira kerana dapat amik gmbar2 aksi drifter (apungan) secara "panning".

What is panning??..
panning is, When photographing a moving subject, the panning technique is achieved by keeping the subject in the same position of the frame for the duration of the exposure. The length of the exposure must be long enough to allow the background to blur due to the movement of the camera as you follow the subject in the viewfinder.

The exact length of exposure required will depend on the speed at which the subject is moving, the focal length of the lens you are using and the distance from the subject and background. An F1 car speeding along a straight might allow you to achieve a blurred background at 1/250th of a second, while you might need to go as slow as 1/60th to achieve the same amount of blur for a picture of a running man.

The faster shutter speed allowed by fast moving subjects are easier to capture in a smoothly panned shot. With slower moving subjects, the risk is that the panning motion will be jerky, and it is also harder to keep the subject in the same position of the frame for the longer period of time.

To aid in capturing panned pictures, photographers use aids such as tripods and monopods, which make it easy to swing the camera along one plane, while keeping it steady in the others. A low budget option is to tie a piece of string around the lens, then to drop the other end to the floor and step on it to pull it taut. This will allow a little bit more stability and allow for smoother blur.

gambar antara yg aku tembak pada haritu... :)
sila2 lah komen yer..newbie here.. :)
Tengku Djan

he's won on challenging...
wait the minute..just 1 pic :)

* bnyk2 gadis litar...nie lah gadis yg paling bnyk aku shoot..hehehe...

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